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  • 5 Reasons Why You Should Stop Hating on Herpes Posted by Admin

    herpes with no hate

    The herpes virus, a sexually transmitted disease has been one of the STIs which many people have a wrong impression. Most American comedies portray the herpes virus as an embarrassing thing that can happen to people who have sex, a stigma that follows you and prevents you from loving and having sex. This view of the herpes has left most patients of herpes ashamed and isolated, people who are free from this virus tend to go far and stay away from these victims. But why can’t we look at herpes from the view of what it is? Of course, there are many reasons that underscore the idea that you shouldn’t hate on the herpes.

    Many People Have It. The herpes virus is a super common STI, virtually about two-thirds of the population has the HSV, and this is true according to the information released by the World Health Organization (WHO). Researchers of the WHO has it that about 3-7 billion people under 50 years have this virus. Going by this statistics, a rational person should understand that the herpes is not much a big deal to freak about because many people have it. If you decide to break up your relationship with your partner because of the herpes virus, you may have a family member with this virus, and unknown to you. Laying much emphasis or hating on the herpes virus is not a way forward, as it is common. If you have the virus, be enlightened and play safe, it is clear that you are not alone.

    You Can Have a Safe Delivery. Every couple would love to have a healthy kid that will look fresh and fly. Unlike some other STIs that harm the fetus, a woman with the herpes virus can still have a safe vaginal delivery when she doesn’t have an outbreak. An infant delivered via an infected vulva stand the risk of infection and perhaps death, the CDC emphasizes that a pregnant woman should strive not to contract a fresh herpes virus during pregnancy, as the rate of outbreaks reduces with time. You should stop hating on the herpes virus as you can have your kids safe and healthy even when you are a herpes patient.

    Preventive Methods Can Reduce your Risk. When a herpes patient is placed under suppressive antiviral medication, its transmission risk is reduced. Contrary to what some people think, you can have sex with your infected partner, and still not contract the virus. When safer sex is practiced, you don’t have to hate on herpes. The use of condoms, abstinence during outbreaks, and therapy helps cut down the risk of contracting this virus. Asymptomatic virus shedding can be prevented using the necessary therapy. There is no gain saying that you can still have a happy, love life while having the virus.

    Herpes is Not the End of Your Love and Sex Life. One common thing about people with the herpes virus is the inability or lack of ‘how to’ communicate their health status to their partner or love interest. The idea portrayed by the naïve culture puts herpes patients in a scenario where they struggle to maintain or find a new love. However, having the HSV doesn’t mark the end of your love life; your real lover will not fail to roll with you once you divulge you status to him. Moreover, there are dating sites for people with herpes; there you can see many individuals who have herpes, perhaps you will find your perfect match there. Albeit it might not be very easy at the beginning, your sex and love life is way far from being over.

    You Will Be Enlightened. Despite that virtually everyone who is diagnosed with this virus undergoes emotional pain and dejection, you will stand to be enlightened and be aware of so many things about STIs. At the initial stage, herpes victims may want to doubt the fact that herpes is not the end of life, but with time, they come to realize and accept their fate. An ordinary person without the herpes virus may not bother or want to know more about STIs, perhaps herpes, thereby being exposed to high risk of contracting it, but a herpes patient strives to know more on how to play safe, live healthily, as well keep their partners safe.

    It is point clear that contracting the virus is not an entirely nice one, but no one gets through life unscathed. There are so many STIs, of which herpes is not the worst, hating on herpes doesn’t showcase what it really means. Herpes patient have the potential to live a life free from stigmatization and isolation, it all lies on us. Stop the marginalization; while you play safe alongside the patients, then we will have a happy world.

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