Beware Of Infections With Herpes During Pregnancy

Posted by Admin on Jan 11, 2017

The Herpes virus is a sexually transmitted disease that is common with people within the sexually active age, it is a viral diseases and currently has no absolute cure. When you look at the consequences of the Herpes virus, and the doom it spells on a pregnant woman, you will be bent in avoiding every possible means of contacting it during pregnancy. Despite the fact that being pregnant is an exciting and happy thing, pregnant women are faced with the challenge of keeping to all healthy warnings that will ensure they keep fit and healthy. Because of low immunity, pregnant women are more susceptible to be infected including viral and bacterial infections.

The Cytomegalovirus (CMV) is a common virus and a member of the Herpes family and people of all ages can have it. It majorly affects pregnancy, as mostly babies are patients to this deadly virus although it may cause flu-like symptoms in the pregnant woman. A mother with the Herpes virus can infect her baby severely with the genital Herpes virus depending on when she contracted it. It could before pregnancy, during the early stage of the pregnancy or even during delivery. The chances of infecting the baby is very low if the mother contracted the virus before the pregnancy, or during the early period of the pregnancy. However, if the mother gets infected during the later part of the pregnancy, there is higher risk of infecting the baby. This is so because women with prolonged or older cases of Herpes infection are known to have developed antibodies against the virus, these antibodies protects the baby from getting infected through the placenta. When an expectant mother is examined before delivery, and a potential outbreak or reactivation is observed, the ceasarean section is considered for the delivery.

The fact remains that the mother might overcome or still live with this Herpes virus if the immune system is strong, but babies are still developing theirs, and this can cause problems. If your baby gets infected with the Herpes virus perhaps acutely, it could lead to shock ( lack of proper and enough blood flow to various organs), if not alleviated, it results in coma and eventually death. The effects of infecting a baby with the Herpes virus during pregnancy or even birth can never be over emphasized, as this also can cause vision problems, brain infections (encephalitis, which mostly leads to death), cerebral palsy, skin infection, mouth and multiple organ infection.

How to avoid the Herpes during pregnancy

There is the need to act and employ all possible means to ensure you stay away from the Herpes virus during pregnancy. If your partner has the Herpes virus, and you have been meticulous not to contract it, your pregnancy calls for more carefulness as even your unborn baby’s health is at risk. Below are some tips that can help you avoid the Herpes infection during pregnancy.

• If your partner envisages or is having an active outbreak, do well to avoid direct skin contact with his mouth or genitals, as this exposes you to the risk of contracting the virus.

• When having sex with your partner, use latex condoms. Although this does not always prevent transmission, it goes a long way in reducing your risk.

• If your partner has an active cold sore, do not allow him to have an oral sex with you, as this can expose you to genital Herpes.

• During the third trimester of your pregnancy, it is most important to avoid the Herpes infection as it poses a very high risk. In this scenario, total abstinence is advised, whether your partner has or has no sore or symptoms.

• If you already have kids who are infected, the virus can easily be transferred from them to you. So there is also the need to avoid intimate contact, association and even looking after them like changing their nappy and using the same eating utensils during pregnancy.

Pregnancy is precious, and should be guided jealously from the fast rising Herpes virus. Consequently, it is important that pregnant women should go for the Herpes test, as well their sex partners, this will go a long way in making the pregnant woman stay safe if they are Herpes-free. Also, having a proper Herpes test will make the woman take precautionary measures to ensure that the baby doesn’t contract the Herpes infection.

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