Signs and Symptoms of Herpes in Men and Women

Posted by Admin on Oct 22, 2018

Anyone can be infected with sexually transmitted diseases. However, the symptoms and signs may be different across the genders.

Types of Herpes Simplex Virus

There are two types of herpes simplex virus:

. Herpes simplex virus type A, oral herpes. The victim of this type, HSV-1, would have fever blisters or cold sores on the area around the mouth and in the mouth too.

. Herpes simplex virus type B. You could contract this type of herpes, through having unprotected sex with a victim.

How do you have Herpes?

You may have herpes and not know it. This is because the symptoms may not show quickly on the external body. Therefore, this would necessitate you to have regular random checkups.

The virus may be inactive for a long time. Nevertheless, it may get active and travel to the victim’s skin surface and regenerate more.

Now, it may show symptoms or not show any, and therefore remain undetected for a while. Whether it is noticeable or not, it is present and it can be transferred through sexual contact. The virus may be present on uncovered skin; therefore, even a condom would not protect an uninfected partner.

HSV infections Symptoms on Women


In women, persons infected with HSV may experience intense itching in the vagina and the nearby areas.

Painful Blisters

In women, victims would have painful blisters. They would appear in the genitals and the surrounding areas. In the case of Herpes type two, sores would appear on the mouth because; it is transmitted through oral sex with infected people.

You may also note that, it is not every time an infection will show the first time the virus infects you. It could be dormant and undetected, and then be triggered later by certain diseases or high stress.

Flu-Like Symptoms

In women, you may watch out for flu-like symptoms. Nodes in your groin area, extreme fatigue, and body aches could be among the symptoms you should observe. Check into a hospital for testing just so you are sure it is a flu. It could also be a primary outbreak of herpes infection.

It tends to happen like chicken pox, the outbreaks are sudden. Over time though, these outbreaks are not too severe to stop you from your normal routines.

Tingling and Numbness

The herpes may be dormant and have a victim feeling numb in the genital area or on the mouth. It may happen also on the butt area, hips, and legs long before signs of sores.

Treatment of Herpes in Women

For the oral type, you can use medication such as, Valtrex, famvir or Zovarix. You can also sit in a water bath to get rid of the pain. During this time, you should also put away bathing products with substantial fragrance.

HSV Symptoms and Signs in Men

In some cases, herpes symptoms are too mild to show. They may look like a razor burn, ingrown hairs, or insect bites. The following are symptoms and signs that would manifest in men that indicate presence of the virus:

. The victims may experience a sudden loss of appetite.

. You may also suffer fever.

. Open sores or painful blisters on the mouth area and inside the mouth.

. The victim may also suffer from sore muscles on upper legs, bosom, lower back.

. Blisters’ skin would experience burning sensations, itching, and tingling.

. You could have blisters on thighs, buttocks, rectum and on the genitals.

Diagnosis of Herpes in Men

Men and women are diagnosed differently for Herpes; the following are common methods used in men:

. Cell Culture. This includes testing fluid from the sores.

. Polymerase Chain Reaction Test. It uses your DNA to determine if you have herpes. It is important, especially when the virus is undetected physically.

. Blood test. It is the most accurate way of determining presence of the virus causing Herpes.

Treatment of Herpes in Men

There is no known way to treat herpes. Therefore, physicians concentrate more on symptoms management. Consequently, this prolongs the time when outbreaks of herpes symptoms happen.

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