What Are The Precautions to Take While Dating with Herpes

Posted by Admin on Dec 15, 2021

dating with herpes

It may be difficult to date when you suffer from Herpes, even though it is among the most common STDs. First of all, we need to understand some facts about Herpes. Herpes simplex virus is of two types: HSV-1 and HSV-2. Regular use of the word Herpes means genital Herpes caused by HSV-2, together with this are cold sores which are also referred to as Herpes and commonly caused by HSV-1. Both these forms of the virus can turn up in both your mouth and at your genitals, and it can spread through sexual contact, also consisting of oral sex. It may also occur through other skin-to-skin contacts. E.g., if your partner has Herpes and they touch their spore but forgets and then, later on, carries out a finger to genital touching with you, the virus can spread to you as well. Hence, it is essential for you and your partner always to wash your hands.

Another important thing for you to do is sit down with each of the partners you get involved with and have a conversation about your Herpes with full disclosure. This will get out of your way long before you seriously get involved with a partner and save you from heartbreak. However, you must be clear in sharing your diagnosis and describing the situation because some of your partners may be unaware of it. You can even add this to your dating applications to avoid any awkwardness later. There are even some Herpes dating sites and apps that take away the burden of explaining or making judgments from other people. Nevertheless, even before discussing it with your partner, it is vital that you come to terms with it yourself and do not consider yourself a victim. Tell yourself that it is just another disease.

It is equally crucial for you to learn how to deal with sudden outbreaks, especially when hoping for an intimate night. The words you use while dating your partner is crucial and must be strong. This can only happen if you avoid self-judgment. Hence, instead of apologizing to your partner for not having sex, consider saying: Can't have sex tonight, let's hold hands and gaze stars. This sentence signifies that your worth is not necessarily attached to sex and gives you a chance to explore your relationship outside these typical bounds. And if you are craving intimacy, you can choose to go for a make-out session. It is also noteworthy that even though dealing with Herpes is challenging, but it would be a terrible choice to lie about Herpes before having sex because your partner must get a chance to make an informed decision about sex.

The risk of Herpes can be reduced through suppressive therapy and regular condoms, even during oral sex. This will reduce the chance of Herpes spreading from genitals to the mouth. However, with condoms, it is vital to note that it can sometimes even spread even if one uses condoms or other barriers because the spores can form in places unprotected by these methods, like the thighs. Hence, it's better to avoid oral sex or general touching of the spores when you or your partner suffer from spores because it is one of the most frequent ways to spread Herpes. You must also know that not everyone will understand you completely and be caring towards you as you expect them to be. Therefore, you must learn to stay calm in such situations and understand that your duty was only to explain to them your situation. How they deal with them is their choice. It is also important to remember that Herpes is just a skin condition that may resurface in a few months, years, or even never. It is not something you should be ashamed of or feel guilty about, so use your words wisely. This will also give you the chance to build on many other emotional aspects of a relationship other than sex and will keep the spark alive! You and your partner should avoid sleeping nude at the time of the outbreak. Most importantly, don't overthink what your partner thinks because most of the time, it's just your overthinking that is bringing you down!


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