New Wave of Online Sex Education

Posted by Admin on Feb 18, 2018

The sex education and its debate seem to be no end. There were many studies across the world. However, no studies helped the sex education the way they should have. Sometimes some of the methods seem very effective on paper or in theory. When it is implemented, there has been no such effect on the students. One such technique or the method is abstinence-based teaching in school. Initially, there was a lot of scope for the theory but as time changed, it faced a lot of criticism for the method and its effectiveness. After that, there were new theories and methods.

According to the report of different state governments of the USA based on abstinence-based teaching in school, there was no improvement. Even though there will be classes specially designed for the purpose. There will be teachers who will educate the students on different aspects of the sex life. The education includes the safe sex, premature sex, effects of the unprotected sex, pregnancy control and many more concepts of sex education. All of the information includes practical and graphical teaching as well.

In Delaware USA there was another case of the sexual assault on a Teen, which led the people to opt for online sex education. There will be different types of the sex education programs. There will be no one to group education to the students. The sex education method includes series of steps, guidelines and the tips for the perfect sex education. All you need to do is opt-in for the program. Once you finish understanding of one program, you will be directed to the next program. There will be one teacher for everyone. They can participate in the program, whenever they want. The Delaware Redding ton school incident also raised the questions on the effectiveness of abstinence-based sex education program.

Parent consent and decision

It is very important that the parents should feel comfortable with the sex education program. The abstinence-based sex education in school might lead to the unnecessary embarrassment, information and other kinds of ill effects. As there is no supervision of parents, they may feel and worry about the type of education their child is receiving. However, in the online sex education system. The parents will have control over the type of education they are receiving. If they feel, there is no need for particular program and information then they can avoid it. So parental control is a big effect overall.

R-North Ogden and the Rep. Justin Fawson thought of introducing legislation for the introduction of an online sex education program for individuals, students, and the parents. They touched this taboo topic to provide the complete details about the dangers of the unsafe sex and programs for safe sex. The online sex education program will cover all the aspects of the sex from the frequency of sex to the STD information, like herpes prevention on sex education.

According to the research by the family growth and the national survey, the risk in the sex education includes a high rate of success. The success rate includes 50 percent more than the abstinence-based education system.

It was evident that the growth rate of the family did not stop. In the abstinence-based program, there might be good education information but because of some unknown reason, it did not have the same kind of effect in reality. Therefore, the online sex education is more comfortable. Even though the failure is high but the effect on risk factor like unprotected sex is good in the abstinence-based sex education. It is also found that 13 states found it that they did not find any positive results because of the sex education in school.

Sexual teaching for lesbians

There was another new study by the University of British Columbia, Innovative Public Health and the City University of New York explained the problems in lesbians, homosexual and heterosexual about the dangers. These institutions also reported that the teens do not even know about the sexually transmitted infections. That is why the need for the online sex education is very important for everyone.

Even though many mainstream news portals left out the topic of sex education but people are somewhat interested in understanding the effects of sex education. Many parents are buying the sex education DVD’s, programs and books online to study and understand the difference between online sex education and abstinence sex education.

Guttmacher Institute reported that around 80 percent adolescents between ages 15 to 20 received sex education in their school or the churches about the information on the STI. Only 50 percent of them received information about birth control. There are already few online sex education programs available, which have a better result than abstinence-based teaching. It is interesting to see how long it takes to see the effectiveness of the education.

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