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  • JustHew+You - "Winter Soul Stasis" - 2021-12-21


    Where were you and did you feel it? It happened. For me it was 7:59am Pacific time when we hit that Winter Solstice moment. Did you experience gratitude?


    Sure, for those of us in the northern hemisphere it’s the day of the year with the least sunlight. And for our friends down under it’s the start of summer. Regardless of the temperature and how light or dark it is for us, we’re all in this together. Did it feel weird to you to be this far from the sun this year?


    Did you notice how the change in gravity affected you?(more)

  • JustHew+You - "...OR ELSE..." - 2021-12-19


    What ever you do, DON’T press this button OR ELSE! Talk about making the inevitable action virtually imminent. Funny enough the opposite is true too. Remember Lost? You have to push this button OR ELSE!


    Talk about pressure. Thing is friend we find these buttons all the time. And most of them aren’t all that clearly labeled. You’ve got them…and the people close to you know it, don’t they. They seem to see them clearly labeled with some with instructions and others with the warning signs and all.


    That’s right, th(more)

  • JustHew+You - Got PDVD? - 2021-12-18


    And another thing…seems like there’s always another thing. Just for the sake of argument, let’s assume that whatever that ONE thing, your primary driving force or that which you seek is attained.


    Whatever it is, no matter how far out in fantasy land you reach for it you’ve found success. Are you ready for what comes next? Once you’ve nailed your goal or you’ve grasped the golden ring and held that almost magical circle aloft in victory, what’s next? Do you know how to win?


    If you’ve been keep

  • JustHew+You - "that ONE thing" - 2021-12-17


    There’s one thing that brings us together here. You’re looking for something friend…just like me. That’s not to say that you and I are looking for the same things. Nor is it so simple as to say we’re brought together by the same set of circumstances.


    To say that we have much in common would be a great stretch of the truth. I have no idea why you’re actually here. Despite any circumstances, conditions or interests we might share you don’t know why I’m here.


    It’s not likely that you and I will share more th(more)

  • JustHew+You - "a little life" - 2021-12-16


    The tragedy of the two-month-old baby girl who died from her injuries after the tornado outbreak has been on my mind. Might have had something to do with our recent triggering discussion on grief.


    I’ll spare you the details, but the story reminded me of something I’d written during a time of loss a number of years ago when some close friends of mine lost their little girl…



    a little life is given to us -

    and we know it's never meant to last -

    a little life is taken from us -

    and i(more)

  • JustHew+You - "Good Grief" - 2021-12-15


    “Good grief!” I can’t help but hear that phrase in Charlie Brown’s voice. Not sure if that resonates with you or not, but I’ll bet the concept of grief does. Not here to talk about ‘griefers’ although there’s plenty of room for that discussion too.


    We’ve all got reason to grieve something if we’re around long enough to care about something, even if it’s only ourselves…you know who you are.


    According to Mayo Clinic it’s the “natural reaction to loss” and they cite examples like the death of amore)

  • JustHew+You - "The 64" - 2021-12-14


    Sixty-four days in on this run with you friend. Sure we’ve got some pre-video content out there as well and at a certain point we’ll revisit some of those early posts. Those topics that came before attraction, boundaries and courage.


    We’ve covered a lot of ground, some of it nonsensical and a bit irreverent. Other parts more serious and introspective. You may have discovered you don’t like or agree with me. Hell I don’t even like and agree with myself all the time.


    So what comes next for us? Who knows. I invited (more)

  • JustHew+You - c-o-l-l-i-d-e-O-s-c-o-p-e - 2021-12-13


    Maybe it’s just not supposed to make sense. Certainly seems like we’re living on the edge of something these days friend. Darkness and light, love and hate, pleasure and pain.


    Some of those will resonate stronger with you and others maybe not so much, but if you give yourself the time to reflect on what those words mean to you, certain pictures of your experience can reform in your mind.


    Our perception and memories can serve as mirrors of reflection and refraction, playing together to create that kaleidoscope of ideas (more)

  • JustHew+You - S'nuff Said - 2021-12-12


    “Ooh, my love was punished long ago

    If you still care, don't ever let me know

    If you still care, don't ever let me know...” – Credit, Slipknot


    Ever have one of ‘those’ songs get stuck in your head, heart, mind and soul all at the same time? Maybe it’s a weakness, certainly it’s a vulnerability but lately it is Snuff from Slipknot for me. Even gave it my best go at the karaoke bar last night. I thought maybe saying or singing those words would somehow release the feelings attached to the meani

  • JustHew+You - 1-2-1-1-2-1 - 2021-12-11


    One two one one two one…


    Happy Palindrome Day friend! Yes, for those of you into that sort of thing we can read today’s date as 12-11-21. Mabye you heard it that way…maybe you heard it differently as one-to-one and it was only partially numeric.


    Yeah, I know…it happens all the time and doesn’t really mean anything. I suppose if you’re deep into numerology or something there might be something there. If that’s you, feel free to jump into the conversation and educate me about it.


    For me it’(more)

  • JustHew+You - L-B-B - 2021-12-10


    Great, just what we need another acronym. But what it means to me doesn’t have to be what it means to you.


    Tonight it’s all about our Little Boy Blue.


    From Eugene Field (1850-1895)


    The little toy dog is covered with dust,

    But sturdy and stanch he stands;

    And the little toy soldier is red with rust,

    And his musket molds in his hands.

    Time was when the little toy dog was new

    And the soldier was passing fair,

    And that was the time when our Little Boy Blue<(more)

  • JustHew+You - Willing to Lose - 2021-12-09


    Until you know exactly what you’re willing to lose, you won’t know just how hard you’re willing to fight for that which you are not.


    For those of you just waking up…I said, “Until you know exactly what you are willing to lose, you won’t know just how hard you’re willing to fight for what you are not.”


    Some people are willing to lose very little. They’re so risk averse that they never invest out of fear of losing.


    Some people believe in a cause so strongly they’re willing to risk it al(more)

  • JustHew+You - "Looong Division" - 2021-12-08


    Why do we put up with sooooo much for sooooo long?


    Well those of us who have experience with codependency might have some answers. Others who may be survivors of traumatic circumstances well beyond their control have answers of their own. People trapped in or coming out of cycles of addiction would certainly have something to say about their experience, strength and hope.


    I’d have you consider whether “Common Core Is Stupid” (an essay written by my son a non-trivial number of years ago when

  • JustHew+You - A Date of Unity - 2021-12-07


    Eighty years ago tomorrow 12/8, FDR declared December 7th, 1941 “a date which will live in infamy.”


    You know what’s funny about that? Just about nothing at all…except that nobody seems to be talking about it at all today.


    Is this the first you’ve been reminded of it today friend? If it is, what other things were put in front of you before the almighty algorithm in the sky directed your attention to this content?


    Was it a public court proceeding that stokes animosity and tension on both sides of(more)

  • JustHew+You - Swords & Plowshares - 2021-12-06


    “Those who hammer their swords into plowshares will surely plow for those who do not.” Or so the paraphrased saying goes…Now off to the fields of choice. Shall we fight or farm?


    Perhaps you’ve given yourself the freedom to look at the world through the blinders. You may have even taken the next step and removed what’s left of the mask and allow the world to see it all. I do my best to lay it on the line and for the most part friend what you see is what you get.


    So what happens next? - Go check out my blog on the (more)

  • JustHew+You - M-A-S-Q-U-E-R-A-D-E - 2021-12-05


    Recently we talked about blinders and now that we’ve acknowledged that the blinders do exist, we can deal with them, right? To do otherwise might just qualify as insanity. Wouldn’t it friend?


    There’s much to be made of the word “insanity”. From the colloquial definition of “repeatedly doing the same thing and expecting a different result”, to more clinical definitions that point to the more politically correct and likely accurate term of mental illness.


    In prep for this discussion, I looked up the word insani(more)

  • JustHew+You - Not So Peaky Blinders - 2021-12-04

    “You can change what you do but you can’t change what you want” – Thomas Shelby in Peaky Blinders

    Great quote and a phenomenal series for anyone who likes to binge watch dark twisted shows and pretty much anything involving Tom Hardy, like me. What does he mean though? Presumably it means that if you’re not doing or getting what you want, then your satisfaction with your results…the fruit of your labor or your internal peace and contentment with yourself…will suffer.

    Some of you may have grown up around horses. I did. We had a rodeo arena at(more)

  • JustHew+You - Power of Fear -OR- Fear of Power - 2021-12-03


    Which is it?


    "Think of fear like alcohol. It impairs judgment. You shouldn't make any decisions well under its influence.". – Gregory Berns in his book, Iconoclast


    It’s really kind of scary how powerful fear can be. When we get triggered by something our evolutionary traits and survival systems take over pretty much every aspect of our being. Decision-making becomes severely restricted. The amygdala takes over and we’re in fight, flight or freeze mode. Like he says, our judgment is clearly impaired.



  • JustHew+You - Perfectly Good Enemies - 2021-12-02


    “To know your Enemy, you must become your Enemy.” – Sun Tzu Great, what good is that?


    I suppose it’s helpful if we’ve got an identified adversary and we need to learn how our opponent thinks and strategizes. We need to “get in their head” for lack of a better term.


    What happens though if our adversary or our enemy isn’t a single entity or a group, or even an easily segregated ideology? We’ve got plenty of those these days and it’s pretty easy to want to go on the attack. After all, we’re rig

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