Having Sex During Your Period is More likely to Get an STI

Posted by Admin on Jun 13, 2018

There are some advantages to having sex during your periods. They include: relief from cramps thanks to orgasms, shorter periods, and natural lubrication. You may also find relieve for headaches common during the menstrual period. With all these advantages, you wouldn’t want to forego sex because you are having your period. Some women even have increased sex drive during the period. There is also no need to worry about lubrication as the blood acts as the natural lubricant. With blood flow, however, comes the risk of an overflow which creates a mess on sheets, your partner and you. Worst of all, research reveals that you are likely to get infected with an STI, such as herpes.

Unprotected Sex

It is common for people to ignore protective measures for the assumption of safety from pregnancy. It is however, crucial to maintain protected sex even during this time because studies reveal you are at a higher risk of getting an STI. Avoid tampons during sex to avoid the risk of getting it getting pushed up into your vagina. This case may cause you to see a doctor to have it removed.

STI infection is the biggest downside to having sex on your periods. You are at risk of contracting HIV, Hepatitis, or Herpes. These viruses quickly spread during contact of the blood and exposure to menstrual blood raises the risk. Using condoms therefore, protects you from the risk of spreading of catching one of these.

The Risks

The change in odds of infection during this time is dictated by the natural processes. As the cervix opens slightly to let blood from the uterus down to expulsion, the region is exposed to bacteria and viruses.

Moreover, your vagina possesses an acidic PH to halt the passage of infections. However, during menstruation, the PH rises towards alkalinity. This condition makes it possible for microbes to survive in the region. As a result, harmful unwanted bacteria get to vulnerable areas of your reproductive tract.

STIs that are normally kept at bay now pose serious damage to you during this period of vulnerability. They all raise their damage levels when they strike hence the need to be careful. Bacterial infections like Gonorrhea and Chlamydia are some of the dangerous attacks. Once inside the vulnerable cervical space, they turn into pelvic inflammatory disease. This is serious because it may affect your fertility in extreme cases if left untreated.

Period blood is a catalyst for disease. It makes you not only vulnerable to disease but exposed to their harshest possible consequences. HIV and Hepatitis, for example feed on the nutrients in the periods to thrive in the open cervix and up into the delicate uterus.

And, Even during your menstrual period is the least likely time to get pregnant but it does not give zero chance for it. Since various factors contribute to the length of the cycle, individuals have varying possibilities. Considering that sperm may stay alive in your body for up to a week, you may release an egg while sperm is alive within the reproductive duct for those with short menstrual cycles. As a result, though slim, you may get pregnant but this is very unlikely. If you are trying to get a baby, this would not be a reliable way of expecting it to work.

Sex Drive

You are likely to feel sexually aroused and extra sensitive during this period. This is a result of the drastic changes in your hormonal levels. The congestion of hormones in the pelvic region is responsible for high levels of sex drive. For others, this congestion makes them uncomfortable for sex. It would be vital to discuss with your partner and find common ground and understanding. There should be no shame in openly sharing about your condition beforehand to protect both of you involved. The women who have increased sex drive have higher risk of infection if they fail to use protection.

Remember to use a condom regularly to protect you and your partner from the risk of STIs. Do not make assumptions or believe in myths such as the flow means you are free from getting pregnant or an infection. Studies have revealed you are vulnerable to disease so take care.

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