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  • Im no object

    I try to be super positive and super optimistic but it's so hard sometimes. I want to connect with someone without them only wanting to connect with me physically. Yes I'm a sexual person but that's not all I am. Just because I'm comfortable with my sexual side doesn't mean I automatically want to fuck. I just wish someone would be genuinely interested in me.

  • Hunter gatherer Mode

    Im a str8 man. But i also wanna get involved with the brothers on here
    as a brother i see the frustrations that come with dating

    Lets be men and hold each other accountable as well as educate each on things dating and real world eventS
    As well as help each get the girl we really want

    Lets encourage each other
    Motivate each other
    And support one another

  • Why im here

    Feb. 12, 2015 was the date my life changed and would never be the same. My fiance at the time did me so wrong and he trapped me. I have tried to fight this feeling of depression and insecure about myself. I know that i am beautiful, but how can i sincerely feel that when I have been made fun of on social media and in public by ppl. Even by close family and supposed friends. I am only 27, and i dont think nobody understand why im depressed, emotional, and angry with life. I want to speak with some ppl and talk about some things. We need to embrace each other and thats why i (more)

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