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  • Anyone in OC/LA area?

    I just wish there was someone who would want to meet up. Everyone I talk to ghosts me, I just wish someone would give me a chance to show them who I am. I'm more than just a "pretty fat girl". I'm also on a weight loss journey because I dont want to look like this forever so idk give a big girl a chance. I promise you won't regret it :)

  • Live and learn

    Hardest thing is to want something with somebody but you know it will never be. Man can we just chill, go out, smoke and laugh at how horrible old movies used to be and just make it though this crazy world together? Its somebody out there for you and me. Just keep your head up even though it's hard at times. Keep your head up kings and to my queens, if nobody has told you today. You are beautiful inside and out.

  • no means no

    i was flirted w many men over the years ,but the clingy ones in real life is like dog poop u cant get off your shoe , they always ask can u kiss, are u looking for a man ,can we touch , totally inappropriate ,esp for medical drivers , yes u read medical drivers , i was sexaully harrased by one and was floored by what he asked me and he told me straight out to stay off the internet , when a man tell u to stop something u love do to ,he isnt a man but a control freak .. i was on my way to a medical appointment and he drove i was worried about it and i didnt say a thing he a(more)

  • Be Honest

    Dishonesty =Drama

    •Think about what you really want
    • Say it.
    • Be honest about what you need.
    • Say what your looking for

    So You can weed out the people that don't want the same thing as you.

    Don’t put marriage on your profile if you are ready for hookups right now.

    Remember you can change it later if you want to settle down

    But only add what you are ready for now so you can match with someone on the same page as you.

    It already hard enough to date …. So why not make it fun and s(more)

  • Im learning alot on this dating site

    I wish you all the best here... I hope you find what you are looking for. You can change the dating app but .... unfortunately you cant change the online dating world.It doesn't matter what app you are on. Its a matter of sifting through the BS lol and finding a treasure. It's a great way to practice your patience lol.

    You can only hope for the best lol. Hang in there.... I hope you find your match.

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