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  • If Not Today...

    Recently, I forced myself to get up off the couch and start exercising on a regular basis again, to streamline and tone this dad bod a little. The slogan I use to motivate myself when I don't feel like working out, or think of some new challenge on the trail or in the gym that I know will push me to my limits, is "If not today, when?" I know myself well enough to know that too much procrastination when it comes to intimidating things will lead to me never doing those things at all. So if I'm not going to add that extra weight, push for those extra reps, (more)

  • You're Gonna Have Bad Days

    I try to be very positive in my blogs here, and in life in general. But the hard truth is that some days are going to be better than others.

    Unless you're absolutely perfect and always know the right thing to say & do in every situation, there will be awkward moments during conversations with people you meet here. You'll say something stupid, or reveal something about yourself the other person just isn't ready to hear. You'll miss a message and not reply to it until much later, after the other person has already decided you're ignoring them. Or you'll send(more)

  • You Know Who You Are

    A lot of people say in their profiles that they're looking for a confident person, and confidence is an attractive quality in a potential match. But even the most self-assured person (unless they're totally narcissistic and arrogant) has moments of doubt. Even the most confident person gets nervous, fears rejection, and questions whether or not they're worthy of receiving their heart's desires and achieving their goals. It's only human. We all know our own mistakes, see our own flaws, and recognize our own shortcomings. Nobody knows your imperfections better than you do.(more)

  • Fakes, Scammers, and Trolls

    Unfortunately, there are people on dating sites who are just out to scam others and/or work out their own insecurities. Ignore those folks. Block them. Report them. Move on. Don't let anyone who isn't on the level make you feel bad about yourself, or discourage you from trying to find that special someone. No matter what you do in life, there will always be small, petty, selfish people who want to take advantage of you or tear you down. Part of success, in love or any other venture, is recognizing those folks for what they are and refusing to let them stand in your way o(more)

  • Something You Might Need To Hear

    Finding someone when you have this condition can be a challenge, to be sure. And doing it through a dating site, with all of the hazards & hassles & heartbreaks that can bring, can be disheartening at times. But everyone here should remember that you were brave to take this step. You put yourself out there, because you thought it was worth the risk to find that special someone. At the risk of sounding like a sappy song, you took a chance on love, when it would have been so much easier & safer to just give up on the possibility.

    I'm not a self-help guy. I'm(more)

  • The good, the bad, and the ugly

    I'm a 25 year old female who is career oriented. That is how I usually refer to myself when I'm trying to put myself out there. Everyone sees me as someone who is a introvert or someone who deliberately sabotages her chance to date, why? Nobody knows my secret I have herpes. The lines have blurred, now what is the good, the bad, and the ugly? I can no longer see myself or judge. Maybe if I tell my story I will somehow find those lines again. What do you think? Do I sound pathetic?

  • It's not hard to be real.

    It takes a certain amount of courage to even sign up for a site like this, so it shouldn't be difficult for anyone to be honest when describing themselves & what they're looking for in a match. I'm blessed to have been in a strong, happy marriage for 16 years before my wife passed away, and I can tell you that it's pointless to try and pretend you're something you're not with someone with whom you hope to have a long-term relationship.

    A dating site profile is kind of like a job application - you want to emphasize your best qualities, and make yourself the(more)

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