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Delightedly suprised  #Dating
I met so many nice guys and a few that needed redirected but one amazing guy who I'm so thankful for. We just marked one month of saying and he's such a great match. We are going exclusive. Thank you!
I wrote this about him today in response to him telling me how he feels about me and sees our future:
"When you finally meet someone who is kind, who is loving, sweet, funny, caring, and out shines anyone you've ever dated, you experience a whole host of emotions. You can't even name some of them. Some of them are disbelief, wonder, and happiness to name a few. One of them that pops up though is fear. It takes a minute to identify it. Fear of the unknown. You don't completely know how to process this uncharted territory. You are so used to walking the same path in the same woods, that this new path is unfamiliar but exciting at the same time. You don't even know how you stumbled across this. You are looking for the caution signs on this new trail but you just keep seeing the beautiful forest full of light. It overshadows the inclines, the length of the new trail, the slower pace as you find your footing, and it's pulling you in deeper to this new place of beauty. You want to keep the discovery coming in this new terrain but you have to pace yourself. The trees are more alive, the flowers are so incredibly sweet and beautiful. You see characteristics that you never witnessed on the old paths you were familiar with treading. It is a lot to take in and you find yourself in the quiet trying to process the newness of it all. You develop an appreciation of this adventure and realize you can't find a reason to go back to walking the old trail now that you've found this new direction. You find yourself looking forward to every next step and you hope this forest is so deep that the trail never ends. You find yourself looking forward to seeing what's at the heart of the forest and exploring its mysteries for years to come. You know you may have some rough terrain possibly ahead but your confidence grows with the beauty you keep experiencing. No trail has ever compared to this one. You are in awe of a God that loved you so much that He created this with you in mind to be wooed and awed by His gift for you. You feel like you might not deserve it and He keeps saying yes you are, He tells you He was just waiting until you were ready to accept. It's very humbling. It's so sweet and you don't want to do anything to rush it. You just want to take it as it comes and savor every part."