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  • Hickeys Are Not Always Linked to Romantic For People With Oral Herpes Posted by Admin

    herpes suing

    Hickey is a bruise caused by excessive sucking or biting of the soft spots on the body, most notably the neck and inner thighs.

    The skin layer under the outer skin surface has a lot of blood capillaries which may break if exposed to too much pressure. The results are the reddening and swelling of the skin. It then turns to reddish purple as time goes by and finally turns to a yellow blotch.

    Some people find it romantic and flaunt them like trophies while others may go for concealer to hide them. But the fact remains that all bruises are not pleasing at all.

    Hickeys and oral herpes

    Many people know that herpes is a sexually transmitted disease. But do you know that there is also oral herpes?

    Oral herpes is characterized by small pustules in the mouth. The pustules turn to cold sores which are red on the lip and mouth.

    When engaging in sex and your partner happens to be having oral herpes, then you'd better to pay attention for it. The little hickey you get might result in you contracting the virus if one of their cold sores is active. The body contact against yours can result in the virus moving right from their mouth to your bloodstream via the broken part of your skin.

    Issues worth noting

    Whatever the circumstances, you must never have any sexual contact with a person suffering from herpes unless you want to contract the disease or you know how to manage it. You may be caught in the heat of the moment and forget about all these. But no! Don't let it happen.

    When the cold sores are active, the chances of transmitting herpes to your partner are so high, so the best thing is to avoid because you may actually not know whether or not the sores are active.

    However much seductive love bites are, they can lead to the transmission of herpes. And if you thought that condom was enough to protect you against the sexually transmitted infection, then it's a high time you get this new revelation.

    If your partner has herpes and happens to bite you, you will contract the disease too. So be sure whom you go out with and especially if it is someone new.

    Other very critical facts that you need to know about hickeys:

    Hickeys Are Bruises

    The tiny blood vessels that break when hit hard leaves a bruise. Hickeys are as a result of the breaking of these blood capillaries which comes after the specific part of the body is hit hard. They are not all that serious just like hitting a table or bed; only that sucking must be there to make them happen.

    Iron Deficient people Get Hickeys Easier

    If you do not have enough iron in your body, you will bruise easily. A love bite shows that you are iron deficient. If hickeys are what turns you on, a diet rich in red meat and dark leafy vegetables is a must for you.

    It's easier to get Hickeys on certain parts of the body

    Some of the body parts are more prone to hickeys than others. Those parts of the body with delicate and thin skin such as the neck, lips, inner arm, and chest tend to bruise easily when hit hard. The tiny blood vessels in these areas rapture easily.

    Hickeys have no real cure

    There are so many alleged things that are said to cure hickeys. Some of them include using ice packs, a hot towel press, putting a spoon of honey on the spot that has been affected, among many others. But since hickey is an internal damage, all these cannot cure it but may just help in suppressing the swelling and inflammation. The best cure is just to wait and let it heal naturally.

    Hickeys can truly leave a scar though it may not be all that conspicuous. Although other people may not notice it, you always know wherever it is.

    Hickeys Can Cause Strokes

    Yes, they can! If your partner sucks you so much so deep, it may result in the creation of a blood clot. The blood clot can move up to the brain via the veins and cause stroke. Hickeys are taken to be sexual injuries and may need some form of treatment.

    A love bite is one of the common sex injuries whether it is on your neck, thigh, lip or any other part of your body. Hickey causes damage to your blood vessels and this could be romantic or not depending on specific individuals.

    Hickeys are a mild form of internal bleeding and require some medical attention otherwise it might turn out to be serious. Hickeys only appear on the soft and sensitive parts of the body. When you damage the skin around these areas, you end up affecting the nervous system. It may result in paralysis and or slow movement.

    The bottom line to the whole issue surrounding hickeys is to engage in safe sex. Since hickey is a sex-related injury, let the few minutes of fun not lead to any severe damage to the body. Talk to your partner and tell them to go easy on hickeys.

  • Suing A Partner For Transmitting Herpes Posted by Admin

    herpes suing

    Some spouses are careless and infect their partner without disclosing to them that they have a disease. Victims have the right to prosecute such individuals in court. California STD law states that people who know that they have an STD must protect their partner.

    Moreover, infecting somebody with a dangerous STD virus is a felony in California and prosecutable in a court of law. Remember that every individual's conditions are unique. Moreover, one should seek an open discussion with an experienced attorney who will assess their circumstance and situation.

    The law

    California rule prohibits their citizens from infecting their sexual partners with herpes. If a spouse infects one with herpes or a dangerous virus, he or she may be eligible for compensation. The victim of neglect or deliberate transmission of herpes can pursue compensation. The payment will be for their agony and misery, treatment and other extra expenses.

    Usher is being arraigned in court by two ladies and a man. He is being sued for allegedly infecting them with herpes amid a sexual encounter. The trial comes after the famous musician Usher paid a lady 1.1 million dollars to resolve litigation. The lady stated that he did not inform her of his herpes condition and infected her with the fatal STD in 2012.

    The court is to decide whether the musician is guilty or is a victim of the dreadful accusations. This will not be the last time his fans get to hear about litigation like this.

    Lawsuits on the spread of herpes are not rare like people might think. Attorneys usually preside over the cases that involve famous personalities. Nonetheless, a lot of unfamous people also file litigation. The lawsuits are recorded when they realize they have been infected. Herpes is a major issue that infects both the unfamous and celebrities.

    Criminal conviction

    In California, it is an offense for an individual who has HIV/AIDS to take part in unprotected sex. Also, it is a crime if they neglect to inform their partner about their condition. California also prohibits the engagement in intercourse with the aim of infecting others. If imprisoned, they can be remanded by up to eight years in jail. Some different STDs have related competences but with minor penalties and fines.

    New York states that an infected individual must inform their spouse about STD. The thought of an STD condition can be a major issue in a hook-up. Several states have comparable rulings on their records that have resulted in convictions.

    Infected individuals cannot evade criminal allegations even if they have not infected their partner. Moreover, they cannot evade legal responsibility because the sex was consensual or they used protection.


    Sometimes transmitting an STD does not end up in a criminal conviction. Nonetheless, the crime can result in civil litigation. Like the one Usher is encountering. A civil case is founded on carelessness and deceitful misrepresentation. It is also based on battery and infliction of emotional misery. If the compensations are granted to the victims, payments are spent on the long-term treatment required by the fatal diseases.

    In 2012, an Oregon lady was granted 900,000 dollars after contracting herpes. A different year, an Iowa lady prosecuted her ex and was awarded a 1.5 million dollars' settlement. A lady from Canada also got an astounding 218 million dollars after her partner infected her.

    Legal options

    Many people have ended up in a terrible position by finding out that the spouse has infected them with herpes. There are more than 20 million new lawsuits involving STDs every year. Moreover, more than 400 million American citizens have herpes. In any case, one has legal options.

    The main choice is to record a civil litigation and pursue compensations which are for the medical expenditures. Also, one should seek reimbursement for the emotional suffering initiated by the lack of disclosure. Furthermore, if one finds out they have been infected, they should record a statement with the police.

    Dating options

    Finding out that one is infected with an STD is a distressing experience. It worsens on discovering that the individual who infected you was aware of the infection. Furthermore, it is traumatizing if he or she did not inform their spouse.

    Herpes dating can be taken into consideration by those people who have herpes. It allows people who desire to date while being able to reveal their condition. The dating enables one to evade any STD litigation that might be filed against them.

    There are no national laws requiring citizens to reveal if they are infected with an STD. But republic laws state that people must inform their partners if they are infected. Usually, according to this law, information is only revealed if one has a particular STD. These are the fatal diseases like HIV/AIDS or herpes as a result of their nature.


    Infections like genital herpes and several others can be transmitted by spouses who looks as fit as a fiddle.

    Sometimes, one may assume that he or she does not have to inform a partner since they have no symptoms. Still, they have to be accountable for their condition. To avoid being sued, one can opt for Herpes dating. Several sites such as MPWH help infected individuals to meet other individuals with Herpes.

    Meanwhile, make sure to ask a partner about his or her STD condition. Individuals ought to use protection each time they have sexual intercourse. Better still, partners should get tested together. Do not take their word for it.

  • Dating With Herpes: 5 Ways to Master The Dating World Posted by Admin

    herpes dating master

    For a person to be diagnosed with some type of herpes can mean an emotional crisis that leads to depression. Even the most focused person can end up like this.

    Herpes is a painful disease that nobody wants to endure, since although it is not mortal, it is considered as unpleasant for other people. There is also a kind of taboo about this subject.

    These factors induce the person suffering from this disease to become depressed, as it is one of the immediate consequences for those affected, and not for less. On the other hand, if that person has no partner, these consequences will be exacerbated even more.

    Everyone believes that if you have herpes your sex life is over

    Having herpes will cause you to change certain routines and procedures, but for many people that have not meant the "death" of your sex life. However, you should be responsible and honest with the people who trusted you.

    Many people in the world have herpes and also have a partner, because, for them, herpes does not affect them that much.

    Forming a relationship is not at all easy, there will always be an opportunity to start one. Many people have the belief that those affected by herpes do not have a new start. Also, many people will only reject you for your situation without giving you a chance. Others, on the other hand, can give you the opportunity, but later they repent and decide not to take the risk.

    The stigma created by society towards the herpes sufferers, makes them more vulnerable to the rest, because they are marginalized only by their situation. Many people with herpes are unaware that they are suffering from the disease, so they are likely to transmit it without even knowing it.

    It is possible to have herpes dating

    Having herpes and dates today can become a challenging experience. But there are interesting communities like MPWH that will only relate to people who suffer from herpes. These people are related to the same situation: All are carriers of herpes (at all levels). Those who choose herpes dating are aware of the situation of both, they are best suited to know each other.

    There are sites that offer services of herpes dating, designed with the purpose that people with this affectation can have the possibility of getting a significant other. They provide a space to generate new links without the fear of making a confession that could ruin everything.

    MPWH is one of the leading sites in the world of herpes dating, as they have more subscribers than other sites. In addition, MPWH strives to keep your privacy online, and its users are all certified carriers of the disease. Like most dating sites, it has its free version as well as its paid version.

    There is not a single way to act in the world of herpes dating, but we can offer you 5 tips to apply on these sites and apps:

    1. Do not strain yourself and be calm: 1.We know that having herpes can be a very hard blow to bear. But for most people, herpes is not a big deal. When communicating with your date just focus on not straining too much, while maintaining a sober and calm conversation. Having herpes is simply a health issue, it says nothing about you as a person.

    2. Your profile must be very honest: People do not like lies, much fewer people with this disease. You will not want to spend unpleasant moments for a misunderstanding of your part in your profile, either erroneous or deliberately omitted information. Honesty should be your banner on these herpes dating sites.

    3. Invite the other person to talk about your situation as well: Avoid monologues, involve the other person in the conversation. The STDs will be the common point of both, you can start from there to be forming a smooth conversation. In this way, there will be no uncomfortable silences or tense moments.

    4. Choose the right time to meet: Do not rush to shorten the times in your new relationship. You must let everything flow as in a normal relationship. If you hurry you may damage the relationship at the first attempt, and that will not be benefits for you or your self-esteem. Also, choose a suitable place to get to know each other, that can be an ice cream shop, cafeteria or a visit to the cinema.

    5. Use sites and apps that you feel comfortable with: If you feel more comfortable on one site or app than another, use it more regularly. There you can be yourself and not have to pretend something that you are not. One of those that you can feel at ease is in MPWH, because they keep your privacy very hard, while you will meet users in the same situation as you.

    Use these sites sparingly

    Just as you must be very responsible with herpes disease, you should also be very responsible in using these sites and apps. Your success in them will depend on your honest and civilized attitude. Be successful in your behavior in those places. Who knows and you get the love of your life there.

  • Let’s Break Up These Myths on Herpes Posted by Admin

    herpes dating arrangement

    Herpes is a sexually transmitted disease. Many dating couples have broken up in the fear of contracting the disease from their partners. Nevertheless, there is a stigma with the illness that has instilled fear in people. Well, as much as it is transmitted via sex, it is not as deadly as people label it to be. It is important that you have your facts straight on herpes and differentiate the truth from myths.

    For most couples, they are not comfortable discussing issues about sexually transmitted diseases let alone their sexual life. Considering the social shame that is set with herpes, not many can open up about having herpes. This is because it can crush your inner confidence as people view it as a plague and many are not ready to accept your condition. So what are these misconceptions people have about herpes? And what are the actual facts?

    #1: People with herpes must have an outbreak.

    No, if you have herpes, it is not a must you have an outbreak. As a matter of fact, you may have been living with herpes without realizing it. The numbers show that 87.4% of people with herpes don’t even know they have it. In short, identifying a person with herpes is not something you can do easily. Additionally, it is not obvious that you have herpes and show the symptoms most people are afraid of.

    #2: Herpes is only transmitted if you have an outbreak.

    This is a false understanding of herpes. Even if you do not demonstrate signs of infection, it does not mean you cannot transfer it to your partner. This is based on the fact that most people have herpes and they do not know it. Herpes can be transmitted through kissing or blood contact and even skin contact. And of course through sexual intercourse.

    #3: Cold sores are different from herpes.

    Herpes as earlier mentioned is a sexually transmitted disease. But, what causes it? It is caused by either the herpes simplex type 1 virus or the type 2 virus. This means you can get infected with herpes from the virus itself or cold sores. It can be contracted through body contact as a result of virus shedding from the infected person. So, even with cold sores, you might be suffering from herpes, but, you do not know it.

    #4: Only certain people can get herpes.

    That is your wishful thinking. Most people have the idea that if you go for regular STD checkups and clean, you cannot contract herpes. The truth is that, you may have herpes, but it has not yet manifested itself. It takes approximately two weeks to exhibit itself, so, you may test negative for herpes today. But, in two weeks, you might test positive. As for hygiene, it does not matter for herpes transmission. Provided you are sexually active; you are prone to getting infected if your partner has the disease.

    #5: You cannot have children if you have herpes.

    If you are worried that you will not conceive in the future because you have herpes. Relax! You can have all the children you want, and they will not have herpes. It is important to know that herpes does not interfere with your fertility and you can get pregnant like other women. In addition to that, your babies will not contract the disease as there are ways to carry out a safe delivery. However, you might experience some issues such as premature births and miscarriages. Take care of yourself and your baby when you are pregnant.

    #6: If your partner has herpes, then he / she must have cheated.

    It is not always the case. As a matter of fact, you may be the one who infected them. The thing is that if you are involved with more than one person for sometime, the accusations are not valid. This is because your partner or you might have collected the virus from them. Needless say, it does not show immediately or even at all. However, if you have been together for a while, then the accusations may hold.

    Final verdict

    So, anyone can get herpes. All it needs is one partner with the virus, and it is transmitted there and then. But, you are not the only one who has the disease. There are thousands of people out there with herpes, and you cannot even tell. Furthermore, it does not change your life in any way, and you have to embrace it. Having herpes is not the end of the world, and you can lead a normal life.

  • Dating With Herpes: Don’t Let Your Emotions Ruin Your Arrangement Posted by Admin

    herpes dating arrangement

    Ever wondered one of the highest factors that ruin dating arrangements? Emotions play a significant role, it can more foster or destroy plans when dating with herpes. If you look at the need to get rid of bad feelings, you wouldn’t agree any less that it plays a worse role in your life and encourages more herpes outbreaks.

    Do you think why many feel like it's entirely bad to disclose their health condition to their partner? Undoubtedly, many people living with herpes do this, and it, in turn, has a detrimental emotional effect. Some might even choose to decline the dating arrangement due to fears of how to tell their partner that they are living with herpes. A look at this show that such people go down with bad emotions and end up, ruining their dating arrangement.

    Following the stigmatization of individuals living with herpes, you may be forced to believe that keeping your health condition a secret is a way out. While you don’t have to broadcast it, there’s the need to tell your dating partner even during the arrangements for dating. Often, it seems like you’re dealing with a whole lot of thing trying to tell your partner about your herpes when arranging for dating, but you’re actually seeking the best way to navigate a complicated situation to sound not so bad. If you can figure out the best time, speech and approach to tell your lover about your health condition, it'll not be a relationship plan-breaker.

    Do you know how large role emotions play in your relationship? It can even call off a relationship just in a twinkle of an eye. So, what’s the catch? Some potential relationships are destroyed because of the anger from the possibility of catching herpes by dating a partner who lives with the virus. You’re deeply falling in love with someone, and you just get to know that he/she has the herpes virus, many people will ruin their relationship because of that. While the world has grown much regarding technology, science, and advancement in health. Presently, herpes shouldn’t be a relationship breaker.

    When you let your emotions ruin your dating arrangement or existing relationship, you may find out that there are other ways to avert what you feared than ruining your relationship. You can choose to employ preventive strategies and still enjoy a happy relationship. If your dating partner has the herpes virus, you can work out things and live happily. Presently, you can take precautions and have sex with your herpes partner when he/she is not experiencing an outbreak. Likewise, you can even have offspring safely in many cases.

    Now you know what it means to bring emotions into your dating arrangement plays, it’s nice to look at the possible downsides to it.

    • More frequent outbreaks and pains: Do you know that STDs are mostly transmitted due to ignorance and inability to disclose health conditions? When you bring in emotions into your dating arrangements, you may end up not telling your partner about your health condition. This will increase the possibility of transmitting the virus because your partner will see you as not having the STD. Despite how careful you may want to be, your partner needs to know your status to cut down the spread and outbreaks of herpes. As such, reducing pains and heartbreaks.

    • Destroy yourself, ruin your relationship and possibly your life too: When you have bad emotions, your body follows suit. You may not live happily even during the relationship because you failed to let your partner know that you’re living with the herpes virus. You keep trying to ensure that your partner doesn’t contract the virus too, without mutual knowledge. Likewise, when your partner finds out that you have the virus, it brings bad emotions that can ruin the relationship and destroy happiness.

    Are you ready to keep up your dating arrangement or relationship? Then you may have to let go of bad emotions. Always keep hope and believe, stay positive and don’t hesitate to let your partner know your health status. If the love is true, herpes cannot be a relationship breaker. Moreover, support is crucial. When you find the support timely, you have a higher potential of keeping your dating arrangement and relationship strong. You can find people living with herpes and get support here.