If You Have Herpes And Love Open Relationships, What To Do?

Posted by Admin on Aug 21, 2018

Today, a lot of women, as well as men, suffer from herpes. More often this is genital herpes which can be transmitted during sexual relation. If you find out that you suffer from herpes, you should read the following tips in order to maintain the relationship with the partner you love.

The First Thing Is To Talk

Warning partner is a very important step in any relationship. You should talk about before the pair began the sexual relations happen, even if condoms are used. The reason is that there is no existing protection from the virus and there is always a probability of infection, so the other partner should be aware of it. He or she has to make a decision on the continuation or rupture of these relations because he/she will always be at risk.

The person-the medium of infection is recommended to avoid polygamous relationships. However, if he/she chooses this variant of sexual life, he/she must notify all the partners and use of a condom during each act of intercourse.

There are situations when both the man and woman suffer from genital herpes. It would seem that this is the best scenario. Indeed, in this case, they cannot be protected. But in practice, even this pair should use condoms so as not to provoke a relapse of the disease from each other. During exacerbation of barrier protection methods in combination with antiviral treatment is required.

The Second Thing Is Responsibility

Surely most people know that deliberate infection with venereal disease faces criminal liability. Is it related to genital herpes, because the way of transmission is a sexual one? Many people worry about whether there is some measure of responsibility for concealment from a partner about the infection. Genital herpes does not officially refer to the sexually transmitted venereal disease. It is just disease, sexually transmitted. And even if one partner is hiding this unpleasant information, the punishment does not threaten him. However, the relationship will be affected in not the best way, because sooner or later genital herpes will show up.

The Third Thing Is Protection

Remember that genital herpes is transmitted by a sexual contact. In rare cases, there are possible contaminations of domestic nature. However, in the vast majority of cases, the virus is transmitted when a couple prefers to have unprotected sex. In addition, genital herpes is able to get from the mother to the newborn through the birth canal and leads to the development of severe diseases – for example, herpes encephalitis. If a pregnant woman during sex become infected with the disease for the first time, it is extremely dangerous for carrying a baby and for its development as well.

In the first place, remember that during the escalation sex is impossible. This applies to a standard sexual act. Even when petting, there is a small chance of becoming infected. Exacerbation of sex should be only with a condom, always. Otherwise, very soon, and the partner will discover unpleasant symptoms. If herpes often recurs and there is a reason to suspect a high concentration of virus, the biological fluids can be additionally put on the condom for protective aims.

In addition, it is necessary to increase the immune system of both healthy and infected partner. This can protect against infection even if the virus does get into the body. To strengthen the immune system with vitamin therapy, hardening, and balanced diet. But a condom is not able completely to protect us from herpes infection. Virus sizes are small enough to penetrate in the smallest pores. In the case of defective product probability of infection is much higher.


Sometimes it happens that your partner has never really suffered from this disease. And the methods of protection are required. The main measures of prevention of infectious herpes in the acute phase are:

. Isolation of the sick person;

. The absence of close contacts, if you the isolation of the partner does not work;

. Observance of rules of personal hygiene;

. Frequent hand-washing;

. Timely treatment with antiviral ointments;

. Avoidance of oral sex, so as not to transfer the infection in the anogenital area.

It does not matter, whether you suffer from the above-mentioned disease, the general rule of hygiene should be preserved.

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