How Herpes Shapes Your Dating Choices?

Posted by Admin on May 15, 2018

Not every person will admit that they have fallen into the trap of some diseases but I actually admit that being in. Yes, I have herpes. Accepting this might be challenging to some of us since we have people who believe in hiding in order to retain the current relationships with a friend. We have articles and publications out there stating that in every six people living in the United States on has herpes virus either HSV-1 or HSV-2. To make it sensible it is true that around 15.5% of Americans have HSV-2 while more than 50% of the population has HSV-1. This might be senseless for now but I want to bring it out why I decided to speak out that I am a victim of herpes. From my perspective, it is quite easy to make the humane soul understand the way herpes will shape their dating choices.

The primary impacts of this disease might be confused but when they recur we get to understand what the acceptance means. The simple itching and pain around the private parts can actually force you to speak out since continued interaction with different people in dates might endanger them or even place us in danger of getting the worst of the disease. It is true herpes will change your date lifestyle and choices.

It is true herpes has changed my dating choices.

I imagine how I count hook out with different partners every weekend whereby we could hang out making fun around. I ensured that we enjoyed ourselves to the fullest during these times since I assumed everyone had undergone a medical assessment to prevent the occurrence of a case of STI’s when having fun. I could not believe that one day I would have my life stuck and that my dating choices could change. Contracting herpes simply changes your dating choices completely. Today the girls I used to hang out with on weekends are somewhere else and finding someone in the position being fixed in today is complex. Let us face back to get to understand how I contracted herpes.

I have been sexually active for 18 years, therefore, talking about dating I understand what it feels like. I had practiced care in bed to avoid contracting STI’s something every person will always do. I actually used all protection measures and could not make it in bed with my numberless chicks without prior testing and use of protections. Not until one day I met this lady who had fallen for me and betraying my trust after a comprehensive request for her to be tested of any STI. She proofed to me that she had gone through the necessary tests not only to find out later that she was hanging on lies.

I felt betrayed and stigma started building up in me and could curse my behavior for long. My behavior and desire for sex dropped and I could spend time reviewing the past and wondering why the hell this girl entered my life. Trust me, it is challenging and hurting thing to live with herpes. You always recall the active times but you have the feeling that even with a chance you are not able to be the person you proved to me yesterday.

What are the challenges of dating with herpes?

The mention of some diseases like herpes to the community sounds like a social taboo. Herpes act as a barrier to healthy sex lifestyle. People living with herpes face most challenges only to mention a few I have come across in my experience.

Diagnosis-related stigma

Most people having herpes or any other STD are assumed to be promiscuous and dirty within the society. People who have been tested and found to have the disease tend to develop a fear of spreading the disease to other people and since they believe no one with a need to associate with them in the society they get stigmatized over the same. You will develop an attitude that you are unclean in the society and the only thing you do best is focusing to cleanse your life until the date you become involved or enlightened that you are not alone in the case or world of diseases.

Fear of disclosure

Having herpes is a challenge to a person who has less knowledge and who have not accepted themselves. With the disease, you fear being rejected and the embarrassments which accompany most people with the disease. You actually afraid of entering into a long-term relationship since you are not aware of how the partner will take. If we could shape our lives the way herpes does we would have limited cases of transmission. Its challenging and not an easy task to tell a person that you have the disease and thus you find you cannot enter into long-term dating.


Rejection brings forth the last challenge of living with herpes. Your dating choices will actually change from permanent to or long-term to short-term mostly when you have stigma building in your life. Most victims fear being rejected and thus choose to stop dating and enter into casual sexual activities. You might build in enough acceptances but you will find it challenging to change perception people have about you having the disease.

How do you overcome the changes?

We have gone through how herpes can shape your dating choices already but how? Let us consider the following:

. Visiting online herpes dating sites. After days of stigma and fear of disclosure, I visited herpes dating site for singles and this boosted me the trust since I found out that I was not alone and that many people in my surrounding had the disease and lived comfortably.

. Discussion with others. We sometimes fear being rejected but trust me I was developing the same fear until the day I realized speaking out is helpful.

My dating life has completely changed and I assure you having herpes will change your dating choices. You need a person who understands your situation and trusts me I have one partner today who is positive as I am and life is fairing on well.

This article is shared from one person with herpes, his personal information is protected due to privacy policy.

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