Herpes Shouldn’t Be Your Top Reason On Turning Down From Being Cast On ‘The Bachelor’

Posted by Admin on Mar 12, 2018

Herpes is cause by a virus which makes it a viral disease. It may affect different parts of the body depending on the mode of infection. There are two different types of herpes; oral herpes, genital herpes and their forms of transmission are through kissing, oral sex, vaginal sex and anal sex.

When you find out that you have herpes they first feeling you get is embarrassment. This is closely followed by the feeling that you are no longer fit to date or even end up with another person permanently. There is however no reason at all for you to feel this way because there is help available. There is also a wealth of knowledge on how to manage the symptoms, discomfort and pain.

It will take a while for you to start feeling better but with the proper medication there is no reason for you to stay single for long. It is however wise for you to stay alone for a while so that you allow your body to get well. If you have herpes but are getting better, you might feel like it’s time to get back into dating. While waiting and hoping someone will come along may help, taking initiative is way better. Dating sites are one way to go and ‘The bachelor’ is another.

On ‘The Bachelor’ with herpes

‘The Bachelor’ is a nationally acclaimed televised dating competition which anyone can take part in to find the ultimate bachelor to be with. It is a serious TV show and there is a screening process for those who wish to take part in it.

Despite the fact that most potential contestants are rejected because they have herpes, the screening process involves much more than the medical tests. It is possible to assume that if a contestant were to flop all the other tests and then test positive for herpes, then herpes would not be the only reason but one of the reasons.

Just the fact that it is said that it is the main reason people don’t get on the bachelor should not deter you from trying because quitters never live to tell the story. You should definitely try and here’s why:

. You are not defined by your situation

Herpes just like any other disease is manageable. When you decide to try out for the bachelor, you just might surprise yourself and pass all the other tests in the screening process. The producers of the show say that the medical report is not the only determinant.

When you have taken medication for herpes, then you are being proactive about help and this should be considered.

. Many people suffer from herpes

Since the percentage of the population that suffers from herpes is very big, it should not be the determining factor as to why you should not be cast on ‘the bachelor’. If everyone was to be judged about the future based on past mistakes and experiences, then none of us would be where we are. Sometimes it becomes so easy to dwell on the past instead of learning from it and moving on. There is therefore no point in condemning yourself and your condition should not inhibit your ambition or your chance to be on the bachelor.

. It is possible to have a healthy dating relationship even with Herpes because:

1. Herpes is not a life-threatening disease and there is no reason why two people cannot be in a relationship because of it. It is however important to let your partner know or in this case the ‘bachelor’ should you be accepted into the competition. Herpes does not have the ability to stop two people from being in love neither can it kill the love that is there.

2. When the infected person takes medication to suppress the condition, the chances of infection in the uninfected partner are reduced by about 73%. In the case of sexual intercourse, using a condom and taking medication at the same time reduced chances of infection by 98%. It should be possible to take part in the competition provided you are taking all the necessary precautions. Communication is what is important for any relationship to work.

3. Since herpes is a virus, the more an infected person has it, the less the frequency of outbreaks. This is because the body develops immunity to the virus. As time goes by, the outbreaks significantly reduce which means that this should not be a definite determinant of how your life should be in future. It is quite possible to live a normal life.

In ‘The Bachelor’ there is a policy on confidentiality but despite this, it is important to accept your situation. Once you accept it, it is possible to move towards positive living. Taking part in such a show irrespective of your condition will only serve to make you stronger. You will realize that herpes does not define who you are or where you are headed, it just alerts you to the dangers to your health around you. If the producers of this show have dwelled so much on herpes as a disease, they should rethink their strategy because it is not enough to prevent people who might just be soul mates from meeting because of something that is manageable.

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