Hickeys Are Not Always Linked to Romantic For People With Oral Herpes

Posted by Admin on Dec 12, 2017

Hickey is a bruise caused by excessive sucking or biting of the soft spots on the body, most notably the neck and inner thighs.

The skin layer under the outer skin surface has a lot of blood capillaries which may break if exposed to too much pressure. The results are the reddening and swelling of the skin. It then turns to reddish purple as time goes by and finally turns to a yellow blotch.

Some people find it romantic and flaunt them like trophies while others may go for concealer to hide them. But the fact remains that all bruises are not pleasing at all.

Hickeys and oral herpes

Many people know that herpes is a sexually transmitted disease. But do you know that there is also oral herpes?

Oral herpes is characterized by small pustules in the mouth. The pustules turn to cold sores which are red on the lip and mouth.

When engaging in sex and your partner happens to be having oral herpes, then you'd better to pay attention for it. The little hickey you get might result in you contracting the virus if one of their cold sores is active. The body contact against yours can result in the virus moving right from their mouth to your bloodstream via the broken part of your skin.

Issues worth noting

Whatever the circumstances, you must never have any sexual contact with a person suffering from herpes unless you want to contract the disease or you know how to manage it. You may be caught in the heat of the moment and forget about all these. But no! Don't let it happen.

When the cold sores are active, the chances of transmitting herpes to your partner are so high, so the best thing is to avoid because you may actually not know whether or not the sores are active.

However much seductive love bites are, they can lead to the transmission of herpes. And if you thought that condom was enough to protect you against the sexually transmitted infection, then it's a high time you get this new revelation.

If your partner has herpes and happens to bite you, you will contract the disease too. So be sure whom you go out with and especially if it is someone new.

Other very critical facts that you need to know about hickeys:

Hickeys Are Bruises

The tiny blood vessels that break when hit hard leaves a bruise. Hickeys are as a result of the breaking of these blood capillaries which comes after the specific part of the body is hit hard. They are not all that serious just like hitting a table or bed; only that sucking must be there to make them happen.

Iron Deficient people Get Hickeys Easier

If you do not have enough iron in your body, you will bruise easily. A love bite shows that you are iron deficient. If hickeys are what turns you on, a diet rich in red meat and dark leafy vegetables is a must for you.

It's easier to get Hickeys on certain parts of the body

Some of the body parts are more prone to hickeys than others. Those parts of the body with delicate and thin skin such as the neck, lips, inner arm, and chest tend to bruise easily when hit hard. The tiny blood vessels in these areas rapture easily.

Hickeys have no real cure

There are so many alleged things that are said to cure hickeys. Some of them include using ice packs, a hot towel press, putting a spoon of honey on the spot that has been affected, among many others. But since hickey is an internal damage, all these cannot cure it but may just help in suppressing the swelling and inflammation. The best cure is just to wait and let it heal naturally.

Hickeys can truly leave a scar though it may not be all that conspicuous. Although other people may not notice it, you always know wherever it is.

Hickeys Can Cause Strokes

Yes, they can! If your partner sucks you so much so deep, it may result in the creation of a blood clot. The blood clot can move up to the brain via the veins and cause stroke. Hickeys are taken to be sexual injuries and may need some form of treatment.

A love bite is one of the common sex injuries whether it is on your neck, thigh, lip or any other part of your body. Hickey causes damage to your blood vessels and this could be romantic or not depending on specific individuals.

Hickeys are a mild form of internal bleeding and require some medical attention otherwise it might turn out to be serious. Hickeys only appear on the soft and sensitive parts of the body. When you damage the skin around these areas, you end up affecting the nervous system. It may result in paralysis and or slow movement.

The bottom line to the whole issue surrounding hickeys is to engage in safe sex. Since hickey is a sex-related injury, let the few minutes of fun not lead to any severe damage to the body. Talk to your partner and tell them to go easy on hickeys.

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