Suing A Partner For Transmitting Herpes

Posted by Admin on Nov 14, 2017

Some spouses are careless and infect their partner without disclosing to them that they have a disease. Victims have the right to prosecute such individuals in court. California STD law states that people who know that they have an STD must protect their partner.

Moreover, infecting somebody with a dangerous STD virus is a felony in California and prosecutable in a court of law. Remember that every individual's conditions are unique. Moreover, one should seek an open discussion with an experienced attorney who will assess their circumstance and situation.

The law

California rule prohibits their citizens from infecting their sexual partners with herpes. If a spouse infects one with herpes or a dangerous virus, he or she may be eligible for compensation. The victim of neglect or deliberate transmission of herpes can pursue compensation. The payment will be for their agony and misery, treatment and other extra expenses.

Usher is being arraigned in court by two ladies and a man. He is being sued for allegedly infecting them with herpes amid a sexual encounter. The trial comes after the famous musician Usher paid a lady 1.1 million dollars to resolve litigation. The lady stated that he did not inform her of his herpes condition and infected her with the fatal STD in 2012.

The court is to decide whether the musician is guilty or is a victim of the dreadful accusations. This will not be the last time his fans get to hear about litigation like this.

Lawsuits on the spread of herpes are not rare like people might think. Attorneys usually preside over the cases that involve famous personalities. Nonetheless, a lot of unfamous people also file litigation. The lawsuits are recorded when they realize they have been infected. Herpes is a major issue that infects both the unfamous and celebrities.

Criminal conviction

In California, it is an offense for an individual who has HIV/AIDS to take part in unprotected sex. Also, it is a crime if they neglect to inform their partner about their condition. California also prohibits the engagement in intercourse with the aim of infecting others. If imprisoned, they can be remanded by up to eight years in jail. Some different STDs have related competences but with minor penalties and fines.

New York states that an infected individual must inform their spouse about STD. The thought of an STD condition can be a major issue in a hook-up. Several states have comparable rulings on their records that have resulted in convictions.

Infected individuals cannot evade criminal allegations even if they have not infected their partner. Moreover, they cannot evade legal responsibility because the sex was consensual or they used protection.


Sometimes transmitting an STD does not end up in a criminal conviction. Nonetheless, the crime can result in civil litigation. Like the one Usher is encountering. A civil case is founded on carelessness and deceitful misrepresentation. It is also based on battery and infliction of emotional misery. If the compensations are granted to the victims, payments are spent on the long-term treatment required by the fatal diseases.

In 2012, an Oregon lady was granted 900,000 dollars after contracting herpes. A different year, an Iowa lady prosecuted her ex and was awarded a 1.5 million dollars' settlement. A lady from Canada also got an astounding 218 million dollars after her partner infected her.

Legal options

Many people have ended up in a terrible position by finding out that the spouse has infected them with herpes. There are more than 20 million new lawsuits involving STDs every year. Moreover, more than 400 million American citizens have herpes. In any case, one has legal options.

The main choice is to record a civil litigation and pursue compensations which are for the medical expenditures. Also, one should seek reimbursement for the emotional suffering initiated by the lack of disclosure. Furthermore, if one finds out they have been infected, they should record a statement with the police.

Dating options

Finding out that one is infected with an STD is a distressing experience. It worsens on discovering that the individual who infected you was aware of the infection. Furthermore, it is traumatizing if he or she did not inform their spouse.

Herpes dating can be taken into consideration by those people who have herpes. It allows people who desire to date while being able to reveal their condition. The dating enables one to evade any STD litigation that might be filed against them.

There are no national laws requiring citizens to reveal if they are infected with an STD. But republic laws state that people must inform their partners if they are infected. Usually, according to this law, information is only revealed if one has a particular STD. These are the fatal diseases like HIV/AIDS or herpes as a result of their nature.


Infections like genital herpes and several others can be transmitted by spouses who looks as fit as a fiddle.

Sometimes, one may assume that he or she does not have to inform a partner since they have no symptoms. Still, they have to be accountable for their condition. To avoid being sued, one can opt for Herpes dating. Several sites such as MPWH help infected individuals to meet other individuals with Herpes.

Meanwhile, make sure to ask a partner about his or her STD condition. Individuals ought to use protection each time they have sexual intercourse. Better still, partners should get tested together. Do not take their word for it.

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