Is Abstinence The Key Thing For STI Prevention On Sex Education?

Posted by Admin on Jun 15, 2017

"Can I be totally honest with you?" - It appears that areas, where abstinence is often preached, are characterized by sexually transmitted infections. Here’s it: Sex is one word that sounds ambiguous. And sometimes, some people don’t want to talk about it, but the fact is that we all came from it. On the other hand, sex education enlightens youths on sex, but all education seems to center on abstinence. Now, the big question is: Is abstinence the key thing to lay emphasis during sex education on how to prevent STIs?

There is no denying that STIs are on the increase, in addition to unwanted pregnancies, youths engaging in sex are being exposed to dangers. Research has it that over 850,000 cases of teen pregnancies occurs each year. Likewise, youths under the age of 25 are involved in about 9.1 million cases of STIs, and this is not getting any better. Then again, by the age of 18, about 62% of U.S males have started having sex while about 70% of the females have started same. This underscores the need for sex education for youths.

Initiation of sex has been found to be at a very early age among youths that have no access to sex education. Also, youths from areas with limited or improper sex education have significant variations in what they are taught, as well their attitude towards sex. Let’s take a wild guess: Every teen wants to know what having sex feels like. With the level of secrecy associated with sex, virtually every teen intends to go into it and dig out the hidden. Consequently, they expose themselves to STIs and other dangers such as pregnancy. Little wonder sex education came to be. While sex education teaches ways to go about sex and perhaps have it safely, it hones a large focus on abstinence.

Ask teens, and they will tell you how much their parents and others talk to them about the dangers of early sex. Although it may not always come easy teaching youths the dangers of early sexual engagement, it is still worth it. Research showed that students who enrolled in abstinence-only sexual education were handful whereas sex education programs that did not emphasize much on abstinence had many youths enrolling. It shouldn’t come as a surprise seeing teens run away from the fact that abstinence is still a long-standing way of curbing the rate of increase in STIs.

Research has proved that effective sex education reduces sexual risks. You may wonder how effective this could be, but here’s it. Abstinence sex education affects various behaviors and gives rise to positive health impacts. And one of the modified response is delaying sex initiation and decrease sex frequency. Sex education makes the incidence of unprotected sex reduced among partners who are sexually active.

Contrary to the idea some most grown-ups share about abstinence and its relation to STIs, the Society for Adolescent Medicine declared that programs which advocate abstinence strictly during sex education do not work by the fundamental human rights to health. According to the researchers from Columbian University, about 88% of pledge takers started sex before their marriage, and they are not likely to use contraceptives or seek STI testing. Also, in a study that was carried out, most adults from America advocated sex education that gives out the proper tutorial on abstinence, the use of contraception and how to have safe sex. In the study, about 89% proposed that youth should be taught how to have sex without contracting STIs or getting pregnant.

Here’s the point: There are different views about sex education, but it appears that abstinence helps to put a halt to the continuous spread of STIs. While some share the idea that youths should be taught how to abstain as well how to enjoy sex safely if the need arises, others see that idea as a wrong thing when it comes to sex education. As such, they advocate abstinence sex education strictly. However, with the rate at which STIs are getting rampant, it's easy to see why any youth should keep away from sex, and initiate it only at the right time.

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