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Nigerian scammers View author's info 84 12/21/2014
Scams View author's info 119 10/31/2014
managing herpes\Not endorsed by a doctor View author's info 148 10/20/2014
How do you start dating again ???? View author's info 57 10/15/2014
NYC Locals Let's Connect View author's info 25 08/01/2014
I have no idea what to do View author's info 439 06/11/2014
The Person I thought I Contracted From Says ... View author's info 858 06/06/2014
Casual Sex Tell or Dont Tell View author's info 2,308 04/25/2014
Newly Diagnosed need some answers to some questions ... View author's info 997 04/11/2014
Is anyone here real? View author's info 1,516 04/09/2014
Gods Watching View author's info 255 12/28/2013
I know everyone should understand View author's info 305 12/28/2013
This is what I feel would be a great setting ... View author's info 367 05/22/2013
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